Observing the city I was born in change from a small town to a frenzied metropolis, feeling like a tiny cog in a giant wheel at my job, and a major health scare made my husband and I step back and take a long look at what’s really important to us. The desire to simplify, take care of ourselves, and enjoy our lives made us quit our corporate jobs in search of something that really fed our souls.

Along came an opportunity to inject some energy and new ideas into a business that is committed to making the finest ready-to-serve foods using the best quality, whole, natural ingredients. The belief that healthy eating is the cornerstone of general well-being, along with a balance of work, play and family really hit home. Being able to provide nutritious, great-tasting food choices blends perfectly with my love of being in the kitchen (and my habit of cooking enough to feed an army), my husband’s super-social nature, and our commitment to health and nutrition to make Oh Natural Foods an ideal fit for both of us.